Hand tools and power tools

Hand tools:
We carry a range of knives, tapes measures, screws drivers, saws, levels, squares to suit your needs.

Heavy Building and Landscaping tools:
We carry a range of shovels, spades, picks, mattocks, sledgehammers, club hammers, digging bars, wrecking bars, wheelbarrows, buckets, post hole diggers, forks, loppers etc to suit your needs.

Bricklaying and Plastering tools:
We carry Marshaltown and other quality branded hand tools for the tradesman to suit any needs.

Tool accessories:
We carry drill bits for power tools and electric screwdrivers, masonry bits, string line, angle grinder blades, jigsaw blades, sockets, mixing paddles to suit your needs.

Power tools:
We carry a range of quality Makita power tools, including cordless drills, breakers, mitre saws, circular saws, reciprocating saws, planners, SDS drills, plasterers mixing tools, and laser levels.

Garden Tools and Accessories:
We carry a range of garden spades, secateurs, digging trowels, loppers, hoses, hose fitting, gloves etc for all gardening needs.

Spanners, Sockets and Keys:
We carry a range of quality spanners, spanner sets, adjustable wrenches, socket sets, and Hex keys and fittings to suit your needs

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